About Us

sandblasting companies los angelesAs the name of our sandblasting company in Los Angeles implies, we provide solutions to both industrial and commercial customers in California. You can trust us to sandblast any surface at the right depth in order to achieve the desired results. As one of the oldest methods for light, medium, or heavy duty cleaning, sandblasting involves propelling grain of sand at high speeds. In order to address the request of all customers but still cover all safety concerns, Sandblasting Solutions adheres to all standards and employs highly experienced pros.

Our portable sandblasting company serves the entire state of CA

We offer industrial and commercial sandblasting services and have the equipment to back up our work. Whether you want to sandblast a wood ceiling or a building of architectural concrete, we are at your disposal. Experienced with all popular materials, our pros can sandblast surfaces ranging from concrete, brick, wood and steel to stucco and CMU.
Sandblasting is useful when surfaces must be prepared for repaint, restucco or sealing. This service is vital when surfaces must be cleaned from grime, debris, rust, dust or other foreign matters. Based on the surface, the customer’s needs, and the extent of the problem, we provide light, medium or heavy blasting and this defines the depth of the material’s exposure. We can also use our technique to texture concrete, reclaim wood after a fire, remove paint, or prepare steel for welding. Call us if you seek an expert sandblasting contractor in CA.

Feel free to contact our sandblasting contractor for any service

  • Commercial sandblasting
  • Texture concrete
  • Remove graffiti
  • Brick walls sandblasting
  • Prepare steel surfaces for finish
  • Steel tank sandblast
  • Stucco sandblast work
  • Wood sandblasting
  • Industrial sandblasting service
Sandblasting services are provided in a safe manner

sandblasting-work-los-angelesAs a mobile sandblasting service provider in LA, we come fast and do the job to your satisfaction. Each job is supervised and the site is cleaned after the work is done. We pay enormous attention to the safety regulations and make sure all measures are taken in order to protect the environment, our team and your facility.
We are a licensed, insured, and bonded portable sandblasting contractor. With us, you don’t only get exceptional results but also our assurance that the job will be done with safety. All experts are dressed suitably for their own protection, know how to use the machinery for each job, and focus on your expectations to deliver the best possible results. You can never go wrong when you choose to work with Sandblasting Solutions. We don’t only provide solutions but also implement them in the safest and most effective way. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about us.