Can You Sandblast Old Paint off Wood?

Sandblasting wood is a quick and practical way to prepare old furniture for repurposing. Given that the surface is still in good shape, it can undergo wood sandblasting. In this case, you can easily strip off old paint and smooth the surface. This step prepares wood for repainting or refinishing, depending on your goal.

While you can choose other options to remove paint from furniture, sandblasting could be the easiest and fastest. You may also hire a mobile sandblasting service to do it for you. Read on to find out why sandblasting wood is an excellent idea to remove old paint.

Uses of wood sandblasting

Sandblasting simplifies the removal of paint from wood surfaces. It utilizes small abrasive particles blasted through a nozzle at a fast rate. Once the material scratches the wood surface, it removes a thin layer of the wood. This is how the paint is stripped off from old wood furniture and wood surfaces.

This is the method used to prepare surfaces such as wood. It is also used to edge profile a component. Additionally, it is an easy and fast way to add texture to wood surfaces. Sandblasting also helps remove rust, paint, stains, and other things that are hard to clean.

Why use sandblasting for wood?

Many choose to sandblast over other wood preparation methods for new stain or paint. You can guess the primary reason, which is speed. The process is even faster when a skilled sandblasting contractor does the work. Sandblasting wood also requires less effort than manual sanding or grinding the wood surface to remove paint.

Are you still not convinced to use sandblasting for your wood project? Check out the list of its other benefits below:

1. Simple
You only need to point the hose’s nozzle to the surface area you wish to prepare, then pull the trigger. But, make sure to cover the wood surface you don’t want to touch.

Sandblasting wood takes less time and effort than other wood preparation methods. But, using a sandblaster on your own requires training. There is also a strict safety rule to follow during the process.

2. Versatile
When you use the correct type of abrasive sandblasting material, you can remove the unwanted layer of the wood surface. At the same time, you can avoid or minimize wood damage. Sandblasting allows you to remove various wood surface contaminants such as stains, old paint, discoloration, dirt, and others without a problem.

3. Speedy
Removing paint on large surface areas indeed takes a lot of time. This is especially true if you plan to use a manual method to remove paint from wood, such as sanding.

Grinding is no better either. Unfortunately, these two methods can tire you out, and it might take you hours to remove paint, even from a single piece of wood furniture.

On the other hand, a mobile sandblasting service won’t take too long to remove paint from large wood surfaces. Moreover, since a professional sandblaster will do the job, you won’t have to exert any physical effort.

4. Safe and efficient
Sandblasting is safe as it doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals to prepare the wood. It means you don’t have to wear heavy protection during the process. Since it utilizes non-toxic abrasive particles, the one doing the job is only required to wear a safety mask and goggles to prevent inhaling any dust or getting abrasive material into their eyes.

Does wood sandblasting require preparation?

Yes, there are things you need to prepare before blasting wood. First, prepare a working area with good ventilation, such as a garage. Since sandblasting large items like wooden windows, doors, and drawers can make a mess, it’s best to disassemble the parts and take them into a ventilated area.

For example, when working on a wood cabinet, remove all items from inside. Afterward, lay the cabinet down on a flat surface such as the floor. These simple preparations can significantly affect the result. So, take them into consideration.


Overall, wood sandblasting is the easiest way to prepare a wood surface before applying fresh paint or any finishing. If you plan to repurpose any of your wood furniture one of these days, consider this wood prep over manual sanding to save time and energy.