Commercial Sand Blast Company

With respect to the environment and the special requirements of our customers, our commercial sand blast company in Los Angeles remains updated and focused on everyone’s needs. We are serving commercial customers in the entire state of California. We are here to help with small or big jobs and ensure long-lasting results but also safe work environments. Always feel free to contact Sandblasting Solutions Los Angeles for services you need at your commercial property in CA.

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We are a professional and portable sand blasting contractor in Los Angeles and can help all customers in CA. Our intention is to help you with your needs without ever contaminating the environment or jeopardizing the safety of our own team. For such important reasons, we invest in our equipment.

As a mobile sand blasting service provider, we need to be equipped at all times. You can rest assured that the machinery used for each and every service is state of the art. Before they begin each project, the pros get prepared to ensure their own safety but also the protection of the environment.

We provide commercial sand blasting services with safety

No commercial sand blast service is too small or too big to us. Whether you want to clean a steel tank or prepare a stucco surface for restucco, we will be happy to assist you. Call us if you want to clean special equipment at your property or brick walls. Experienced with sandblasting wood, stucco, concrete and steel, our specialists can help you with any surface.

  • Ceiling wood beams
  • Steel tanks
  • CMU and brick walls
  • Stucco surfaces
  • Concrete walls
  • Exterior & interior sandblasting

We are an experienced commercial & portable sand blast contractor

The purpose of sandblasting is to remove rust, dirt, grime, debris, dust or graffiti in order to clean a surface or prepare it for treatment (painting, restucco etc.). With expertise in commercial but also industrial sand blast service, our pros will meet your expectations and provide superior quality work. Since blasting with sand requires attention and skills, only trust expert pros. Choose us. Not only will our Los Angeles commercial sand blast company cover your service requirements but will also adhere to all safety standards. Call us today for a free estimate.