How Well Do You Know Sandblasting?

You have come to the right place if you are new to sandblasting and want to know interesting facts about the process. Sandblasting is also called abrasive blasting. It is the method professional contractors use it to prepare surfaces for painting, for example.

For cleaning large areas and surfaces, sandblasting is an effective method. The force of the blast can immediately clear up surfaces of any foreign items, such as rust, old paint, and debris. If you want to remove old paint and prepare the surface for a new coating, sandblasting can get the job done.

What are the advantages of sandblasting?

You can get numerous benefits from sandblasting, an invention of American Benny Chew Tilghman back in the 1870s. Whether you hire a sandblasting contractor or use a portable one for a DIY job, here are the top advantages.

•   It cleans various surfaces efficiently

You know how laborious cleaning walls and floors can be. Although sandblasting makes an object’s surface smooth, you can use it as a surface cleaner, especially when discussing large surfaces where debris, moss, mildew, rust, peeling paint, and other foreign matters coat the surface.

•   Sandblasting is fast

wall_sandblastingIf you have a large job that needs quick cleaning, sandblasting is the best option. Thanks to the pressure of the sandblasting machine, cleaning tough surfaces, like concrete walls and floors, rebar, metal tanks and other surfaces, becomes easy. The job is done fast.

•   Removes old paint quickly

For jobs that require the removal of old paint from walls, flooring, steel tanks and cars, the most effective method is sandblasting. The abrasive medium can reach even the smallest nooks and crannies and complex parts that used to require manual cleaning.

The sandblasting process

The method involves only a few steps. But because you are using high pressure from a compressor and abrasive sandblasting medium, it is essential to wear protective gear and observe care when doing the job.

Step one. Identify the material that needs cleaning to determine the kind of equipment you need for the job. For example, you may need to use a sandblasting gun, a hopper, or an air nozzle.
Step two. Prepare the surrounding area. Since the process involves high speed and high pressure, ensure that you protect the surrounding area or the place around the surface for sandblasting.
Where to use sandblasting

Some people can do sandblasting jobs because they understand the process and handle the equipment properly. But if you do not have the experience, do not fret. You can always call a sandblasting company to do the job correctly.

So, here are some of the jobs and projects where sandblasting is most effective.

•   Stripping off corrosion

Remove corrosion quickly. If you have a large project, call a sandblasting contractor near you. They have the experience and the right tools to do the job right.

•   Removing rust, oil, and grease from tools

Do you use a wide range of metal tools in your business? As you know, rust and grime from dried oil and grease can eventually build up. You can call a professional service provider that offers mobile or portable sandblasting service. You will have clean tools that look like new in a short time.

•   Creating stunning works of art

Did you notice a glass wall with a stunning etched design? You will be surprised to know that sandblasting made it possible. Progressive artists found out that they could use it to etch glass. Some artists also use the process to give wood art intricate and exciting textures.

concrete_sandblasting•   Restoring the traditional image of stones and bricks

If your stone, brick, and even concrete wall look worn and old, sandblasting can regain its former glory. The blasting process may even enhance it by removing whatever substances cover the surface.

•   Removes mold

Mold causes various allergies and illnesses, and they grow in moist areas. Prevent your family members from having itchy eyes, asthma attacks, sneezing, coughing, and exhibiting allergic reactions. You can call a sandblasting contractor to clean parts of your home where mold is like to grow.

These are the top things about sandblasting worth knowing. Hiring a sandblasting contractor can help with surface preparation and clean-up when you have a cleaning or polishing project. Plus, they do the work safely and efficiently, while giving you savings in time and money.