Sandblasting Benefits for Your Custom Metal Fabrication

Unlike manufacturing a standard metal part, fabricating a custom metal is more complex. First, you must choose the techniques to use. Then, you have to take precise measurements. Finally, you should carefully select the perfect finish for the part being made.

Meanwhile, the metal will need blasting. With steel sandblasting, a beautiful, smooth finishing is achieved. So, here’s a spoiler. This post will explain how sandblasting benefits custom metal. It will also explain why you need it. Interested in learning more? If so, read on.

Sandblasting Explained

wood sandblastingPeople call sandblasting by many names. Among those are grit blasting, media blasting, and abrasive blasting. All these names only show one thing. That is “cleaning and preparation.”

In the metallurgical industry, sandblasting describes the technique of driving extremely small material particles at high speeds to etch or clean a surface. For this technique, there are various types of materials to choose from. Each has properties that offer unique advantages for a particular type of metal.

Not sure whether you need sandblasting yet? Here is a list of the benefits of commercial sandblasting. This list might persuade you to apply it in your next steel project:

  • Cleans metallic surface- Sandblasting helps remove oil, mill scale, and rust. These things might appear even on manufactured custom metal.
  • Removes other contaminants- Sandblasting removes other harmful elements. These might stick on the steel’s surface. Oil and dirt spots in hard-to-reach areas are among these things.
  • Reduces cost- Sandblasting is economical because you can use the same media for sandblasting several times. Given that the abrasive media is a reusable asset, it reduces the cost of prepping the steel.
  • Saves time- Cleaning the steel’s surface manually can take a long time. It is also a tiring process, which needs significant effort. Sandblasting makes things easier and faster, especially for the machine operator. The process is also quicker. That’s when it’s done by a professional sandblasting contractor.
  • Removes paint- Sandblasting is an effective way to remove old paint from metal. It comes before applying a new layer of paint. It also removes other surface contaminants like dirt and oil stuck to the custom metal.
  • Treats surfaces- Sandblasting works as a steel surface treatment. It prepares itself for new coatings. Besides, a thin outer layer of the metallic surface is removed. It allows the application of a smooth, glossy surface in an instant. Afterward, the steel’s surface is ready to accept any coating or paint that you will apply.
  • Choose from various mediums- You can choose from an array of abrasive mediums. Among your options are biodegradable substances like walnut shells and corn cobs. Another is steel shot and grit.
  • Non-toxic and safe- Many cleaning procedures involve harsh, toxic chemicals. These procedures also involve multiple steps that require further preparation. The chemicals used might risk one’s health when inhaled. But in sandblasting, non-toxic materials are used for power washing. These materials won’t harm you, the environment, even your custom metal fabrication.

All these benefits can significantly impact a business. Meanwhile, custom metal fabrication is a significant industry. So, industrial sandblasting service will be necessary. It reduces steel preparation costs and speeds up the process.

Sandblasting precautions

surface_sandblastingKeep the custom metal in a dry place after sandblasting them. This is to prevent “gingering” or the sweating of metal. Why does this happen to sandblasted steel?

A sandblasted metal is stripped from oxidation – hence, it’s exposed. As a result, it becomes vulnerable to humidity and moisture in the air.

You have to wear goggles or protective glasses while sandblasting. Particles of the abrasive medium might get into your eyes during the process.


To sum it up, sandblasting is also a crucial process for custom metal fabrication. Unlike manual steel preparation, the sandblasting process is easier, faster, and has many advantages. Can you resist such advantages? Of course not.

Sandblasting does an excellent job of preparing steel surfaces. Once you try it on your next steel project, you should be careful to follow the process of sandblasting. It won’t hurt to take every safety step for a technique that will give your custom metalwork a smooth, shiny appearance.