Architectural Concrete Sandblasting

If you want to sandblast architectural concrete in California, bring your needs to our company. Experienced and fully equipped, our Los Angeles architectural concrete sandblasting pros can handle your requests in a professional manner. Since we are experts in industrial and commercial sandblasting services, we can assure you that architectural concrete surfaces can be sandblasted for all purposes. We are equipped to cover the needs of large buildings and all facilities in search of expert sandblasting solutions in CA.

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At Sandblasting Solutions, we provide affordable and outstanding services. Architectural concrete features in many business and commercial buildings. It’s one of the most popular building materials, which can be sandblasted to expose the aggregate or texture the surface, or remove debris or smoothen the surface.

Whatever your reasons for architectural concrete sandblasting are, we can cover them. In any case, our pros will determine the depth of the blast based on the requirements of the customer and the surface.

  • Light blast – in this case we remove sand and cement in order to expose the coarse aggregate.
  • Medium blast – this involves the exposure of the matrix and coarse aggregate.
  • Heavy blast – both the fine aggregate and cement are removed and the coarse aggregate becomes the main surface.

Reasons for architectural concrete sandblasting

Our Los Angeles sandblasting contractor provides services to clean surfaces, expose the aggregate, or texture the concrete. Over the years, the surface becomes dirty and imperfections might be revealed. With sandblasting, the issues are resolved.

One of the main reasons why customers seek the help of our sandblasting company is when they want to texture architectural concrete. This is one of the best ways to hide imperfections and let rain water run off easily.

There is no doubt that such jobs are not easy. But be assured that our pros have a long experience, the equipment, and the skills to do the job right and cover your needs. We can blast at any depth required, do the job at the convenience of the customer, and guarantee professionalism from start to finish. Do call our architectural concrete sandblasting Los Angeles company for a quote.