Brick Sandblasting

Brick Sandblasting Los Angeles

brick_wall_sandblastingWant to sandblast brick and concrete masonry units at commercial or industrial buildings in California? For excellent results and affordable prices, contact our company. We are an expert brick & CMU sandblasting Los Angeles company. We have a specialized team with the expert knowledge to sandblast all brick surfaces in order to clean them. Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to deal with brick dirt, reveal its architectural surface, or prepare it for painting. Give us a call here at Sandblasting Solutions if you need commercial or industrial services.

Expert brick wall sandblasting in CA

With the help of our Los Angeles mobile sandblasting service company, the debris, grime and dirt accumulated on CMU surfaces and brick walls are removed. We can use light, medium or high blast methods to expose the architectural appeal of brick surfaces by removing graffiti, dirt or paint.
By using machinery and techniques of the latest technology, our LA sandblasting contractor can effectively refurbish brick surfaces. You can ask us for a test blast in order to decide on the finish result. Rest assured that our experts have been offering brick wall sandblasting services in CA for a long time. We are aware that there are differences between bricks. Soft ones demand a rather light or medium blast for the protection of their surface. Such finishes also remove debris and grime.

Choose our LA sandblasting contractor for quality service

paint_removal_brick_wallCome to our sandblasting company for effective results and proper service. We have the expertise and experience to use the right blasting methods in order to both protect the brick and remove dirt.
Our commercial sandblasting service is often needed when CMU surfaces must be softened to reveal the aggregate. Many architects prefer to leave buildings unpainted and use blasting services as their architectural signature.
Whether for CMU industrial sandblasting service or commercial brick sandblast work, our company is the right choice. We have the equipment to serve both industrial and commercial customers. We also have the skills to clean brick walls and thus provide inexpensive solutions when you want to refurbish buildings. Call our Los Angeles brick & CMU sandblasting contractor for an estimate today.