Concrete Sandblasting


Well-versed and experienced, our company’s Los Angeles concrete sandblasting specialists offer superb quality service. After years of providing commercial and industrial services, we have the skills to clean all concrete surfaces with the expertise decades on the job bring. We have the pleasure of working with expert professionals with great work ethic, updated knowledge and great training. When you work with Sandblasting Solutions, you get excellent services in a timely fashion and without breaking the bank.

Why turn to us for concrete sandblasting

ARCHITECTURAL-concreteIt takes a very experienced team to complete concrete sandblasting effectively and safely. The concern with this material is the concrete dust that might contain air-borne contaminants that are hazardous. It takes an expert to do the job right and use the machinery properly in order to confine concrete dust and take measures to minimize its spread.
As a professional industrial and commercial sandblasting company, we are equipped with the most advanced machinery to do the job well. Our specialists have the experience to sandblast concrete and smoothen up the surface without causing any damage.
Since we are a mobile sandblasting service provider, we help fast and have everything needed with us. The cost is fair and the service is done in accordance with all safety standards for the protection of our crew, facility and environment.

We are well-equipped to sandblast concrete

Our sandblasting company in Los Angeles is fully equipped to take industrial and commercial jobs of all sorts.
• Architectural concrete
• Exposing aggregate
• Granite sandblasting
• Asphalt sandblast
• Parking & traffic stripes removal
• Concrete surface preparation

Although we are a sandblasting contractor in LA, we serve customers in all places in California. Sandblasting concrete is not easy. And so we make sure every single one of our pros is properly trained in order to clean concrete surfaces. You can call us to sandblast floors, walls, roads and all concrete surfaces. With years of hands on experience and the right equipment, we can remove dirt, debris, paint and more to clean the surface or prepare it for sealing or painting.
It’s difficult and hazardous to clean concrete without having great expertise. Come to us for safe and professional concrete sandblasting in Los Angeles and the entire California state.