Steel Sandblasting

steel_sandblastingNeed to remove oxides, mill scale or dirt from steel? Give us a call. We are experts in steel sandblasting and offer services in California. This is the only method that will effectively clean steel surfaces and prepare them for welding or paint. Our company is a comprehensive portable industrial and commercial sandblast contractor in Los Angeles and can help with all your needs. Whether you need steel sandblasting in Los Angeles or another part of CA, our contractor is at your service.

Why steel needs sandblasting?

It’s hard to clean steel from debris or rust effectively and without causing damage. What you need is an experienced sandblasting contractor to make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish. That’s where we jump in. After decades in this business, our company can help you with steel problems. We have the equipment and knowledge to remove mill scale, debris, corrosion, oil or other matters from steel surfaces. Call Sandblasting Solutions today.
You will need our LA sandblasting company when you want to clean a steel surface, prepare it for welding or painting, smooth a steel surface, texture a surface, and remove rust, debris or heat treat discoloration. Over the years, we have been sandblasting all kinds of surfaces of all sizes. We work indoors and outdoors. We clean steel tanks and any steel surface.

Contact us for commercial and industrial sandblasting service

Our company provides both industrial & commercial sandblasting and so it can be of great assistance to all customers. Let us assure you that our pros are highly experienced with sandblasting steel surfaces. They know how to use the equipment in order to clean the surface without damaging the profile. Of course, we can also create textures on steel. In either case, the job is done with attention and the machinery is used with expertise for outstanding results.

Exceptional results from our steel sandblasting pros

If you need to quickly clean a steel surface, remember that we provide mobile sandblasting service. For this reason, we keep our portable sandblasters with us and everything we need to make sure the job is done safely and properly. Since we take all necessary measures and work with the right equipment, the job is not only finished quickly but also safely. Call our company today to get outstanding results from our Los Angeles steel sandblasting experts.