Stucco Sandblasting

Want a free estimate for stucco sandblasting in Los Angeles? Need to hire an expert contractor for an industrial sandblasting service in California? When it comes to such services, bring your business to us. We have been offering professional services for many years and have the skills to sandblast stucco properly for all purposes. Do you want to re-stucco? Would you prefer to paint the surface? Come to Sandblasting Solutions.

For stucco sandblasting, trust us

Our company has been offering stucco commercial sandblasting services in the state of CA for years. We work in warehouses, plants and have many industrial customers that have depended on our expert work in order to deal with stucco problems or renovate their premises.
Sandblasting stucco takes precision and expert knowledge. You can trust our skills and the expertise of each and every pro in our company. In order to do the job well, we are equipped with the right machinery that allows us to sandblast stucco in a safe and right way. As true pros with great respect to the needs of each customer and the environment, the specialists of our Los Angeles sandblasting company take the required precautions to ensure the job is provided with safety.
We deliver fast since we are experienced and ready to provide mobile sandblasting service. Our experts keep the equipment needed in their truck and are able to reach high points and work on exterior and interior surfaces.

Sandblasting stucco demands experience. Call our company

The main reasons why you will need stucco sandblasting are for restucco and repainting purposes.

  • Want stucco sandblast for restucco? Our pros can remove the existing paint so that stucco will be applied again. If the surface is damaged, we can remove the color coat all the way down to the brown coat.
  • • Want sandblast stucco for re-painting purposes? Since the paint is often harder than the stucco, the abrasive might cut through causing stucco damage. So, we often suggest the removal of loose paint so that the surface can be repainted. Due to the difficulty level of this service, it’s best to trust our pro sandblasting contractor.

We only offer the best solutions for your Los Angeles stucco sandblasting needs. Feel assured that the job is done with accuracy and your requests are covered in a professional manner. Call us together to learn more.