Why Hire a Sandblasting Contractor Instead of Doing It Yourself?

You might consider sandblasting for your industrial painting project. After all, it is an excellent way to prepare industrial structure surfaces such as concrete, metal, and steel. Or, you may want to remove oil or debris from a steel tank. Still, this is the best method to achieve the most effective results. No doubt. However, do not be tempted to do it on your own. Instead, hire a professional sandblasting contractor. The main reasons why sandblasting is not a DIY task? Safety reasons, for starters. And then, because you want the best possible results. Don’t you?

Let’s look at why it makes sense to hire a professional for your sandblasting project instead of handling it on your own in greater detail. In the list are some of the common sandblasting injuries due to malpractice.

A professional sandblaster has safety gear and training

wood sandblastingOne of the main reasons why a professional should handle your sandblasting project is because they have the proper training and gear to ensure the job is safely done. While it won’t take too long to learn how to use sandblasting machines, proper safety training and skill are necessary to avoid workplace accidents. In addition, handling sandblasting equipment could be a little dangerous when used the wrong way.

They can control their sandblasting equipment

Sandblasting equipment utilizes high pressure to blast abrasive media. The air pressure level determines how powerful the blasting will be. On the other hand, the type and size of the abrasive media decide how hard or gentle will be the effect of the blasting.

Additionally, powerful equipment can be hard to control. The good news is that a professional knows the correct air pressure level to use for a particular industrial sandblasting service. A pro also knows the suitable type of abrasive media for a specific surface.

When you use the wrong abrasive media with air pressure that is too high, it could damage the structure you’re working on. Meanwhile, setting the air pressure too low or using a relatively soft, abrasive media for a particular surface won’t give you a satisfying result.

They have high-end equipment

equipment sandblastingFor industrial or commercial sandblasting, high-end, industrial-grade equipment is necessary. You might be able to rent or buy a simpler type of machine, but this won’t do for most jobs. If you can’t invest in industrial-grade equipment yet, hire a sandblasting company instead. Besides, they already have the tools necessary for the job.

Professionals know what they are doing

Professional sandblasters utilize specialized tools and equipment to smooth and clean metal, steel, and other types of surfaces. Before painting a particular structure, sandblasters prepare them first using high-pressure air to blast abrasive material. It will remove stains, other surface contaminants, and old paint and smoothen the material’s surface.

The skill and experience of the sandblaster significantly affect the result of the project. Therefore, when you hire a professional for the job, you are assured of getting a good result.

Hiring a professional is cost-effective

Some people believe that handling a sandblasting project on their own can help them save money. However, this is not the case if the sandblasting is done poorly.

Any mishandling during the blasting could lead to costly accidents or mistakes. For instance, setting the air pressure too high could cause a dent in a metal or steel surface, especially if the surface is too soft to be hit by an abrasive material hit by high pressure. It is also dangerous to inhale some sandblasting media, particularly those with silica.

Common injuries related to sandblasting you can avoid by hiring a professional

In industrial workplaces, sandblasting injuries could happen due to many reasons. However, most of these injuries are avoidable with the right skills, experience, and proper use of safety gear, equipment, and tools. Below are some of the common sandblasting related injuries you could avoid by hiring a professional:

  • Hearing loss- Sandblasting produces a loud noise, resulting in hearing loss. Professional sandblasters wear earplugs, especially when blasting inside enclosed spaces like steel tanks and more.
  • Silicosis- This condition results from inhaling dust from an abrasive that contains silica. For this reason, sandblasters must wear full protective gear. Most companies today use natural abrasive media to avoid this health risk.

Ultimately, sandblasting might look simple, but it’s not. And making mistakes could be severely detrimental. Aside from your health and safety, doing it on your own could also put your project at stake. As it is clear, hiring a professional sandblaster is the best way to avoid problems and achieve desirable results. They have the proper training, skills, equipment, and tools to get the job done right.